With over 20 years of industry experience, we fully understand the security business. We know that preserving strong relationships with your customers means providing them with reliable and professional monitoring services. We have always included our customers in a family spirit, working with you in a personal business relationship that is all too rare in our industry today. Our technology is state-of-the-art. Whether it is residential, commercial, audio, or video services, we provide you with the quality you need. Our new internet access service makes our dealer accessibility easier and faster. CMS is committed to serving you and your customers. We look forward to proving our dependability when it counts the most.

At CMS we truly believe that experience is everything!

UL Monitoring Facilities
CMS is UL listed for Burglary and Fire Protective Signaling; #UUFX S2630. UL has imposed stringent standards because it understands the obligation of monitoring.

Monitoring Services
We offer a full range of services that can be customized to meet your demands:
• Residential • Medical
• Commercial • Industrial

We monitor a multitude of conditions that can be customized at each site. We also have the ability to offer multiple services to each customer, including:

• Burglary • Open & Close
• Fire • Environmental
• UL Fire • Elevator Monitoring
• Two-Way Audio • Cellular Backup
• Remote Video • Radio Backup

Custom Response Options
Here are some examples of the variety of options we offer you and your customers:

• Custom zone descriptions with comments
• Custom instructions based on date/time
• Verification first or dispatch first based on individual signals
• Unlimited passwords/numbers

Standard procedures are designed to further customize our response:
• Authorities are notified with responder information on every dispatch
• All outbound calls including dispatches are made in your company name
• All history is date and time stamped giving you detailed information on every

Fast, Accurate Response
“We are only as good as our last dispatch.” This simple, yet very important philosophy drives us every day to provide our customers with the absolute best response. We track our response time and telephone answer speed in “real time” which gives our supervisors the ability to react immediately, resulting in better service. Our automation prioritizes signals enhancing our response even more.

Redundancy and Technology
With today’s technology, there is no excuse for downtime. Our approach is to have the very best technology available, as well as redundancy in every system.

• 1 backup receiver for every 5 receivers
• 2 generators with fuel on site
• Multiple UPS systems
• Dual “T1.5” telephone service
• 2 IBM “RISC 6000” computers
• Lucent G3 phone switch with internal backup
• Dual voice recording units

Management Team
Our dedicated management team is focused on delivering the best value in the industry. Our years of experience and our proven personal service exceed our Dealers’ expectations. Our team is comprised of managers from the following departments:

• Monitoring Center
• Dealer Services
• Dealer Integration and Support
• Billing and Collection
• Dealer Development

Professional Staff
Great pride is taken at CMS to train our staff and be prepared and ready for every situation whether it’s a false alarm or real emergency. Monitoring representatives spend several weeks in extensive training and are tested before ever responding to live signals. Our program consists of three representative levels, with testing and certification at each level.