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Each year, businesses lose billions of dollars to theft and vandalism that could be prevented with the installation of monitored commercial alarm systems. These losses aren't limited to the loss of merchandise and equipment: they include the disclosure of personal information that customers trust you to keep private.

Monitored commercial alarm systems offer an inexpensive way to protect your business.

When companies consider monitored security systems, it's usually for one of two reasons. Either they're getting a security system installed for the first time, or they just experienced the loss and disruption to business operations caused by robbery, vandalism, or a break-in.

Monitored security systems help deter burglars, discourage employee theft, and ensure employee safety. Composed of a series of devices that detect unauthorized entry, a monitored security system sends a signal to a central monitoring station when an intruder is detected.

Our monitoring centers provide continuous service - 24/7/365 - and will alert local police to dispatch authorities to the scene as necessary.