Anchor Security offers a full line of access control systems to help you control and track who is entering your property, and when they're allowed access. Our systems feature access cards, keypads or fingerprint readers and other biometrics.

No matter how small you start or how large you grow, Anchor Security offers seamless integration of existing systems and future technology to provide you with a compatible access control solution. Our access control include the following features

The most important feature of any access control system is the ability to be expanded. We can also connect it to a host computer for system configuration, alarm monitoring and direct control.

The Ideal Technology for Your Security Needs

Web Control Interface

The Access Easy Controller and Access Easy Master Controller each have a built-in Web server. This lets you use any standard Java-enabled Web browser running on a client computer to control access and program the system. Each system has its own, unique IP address ó so users only need to log on to its "home page", at any time and from any place.

System Interoperability

It doesnít matter whether the client computer is a Windows PC, Macintosh or UNIX machine, or runs under some other operating system. The Access Easy Control System gives you complete flexibility, without any extra setup effort.

Comprehensive Security Functions

The Access Easy Controller utilizes a 32-bit microprocessor with built-in support for a host of up-to-date security functions: door access control, alarm and intrusion monitoring, vehicle boom gate control, guard tours, output control, attendance tracking, etc. E-mail or text messages can be automatically sent to alert personnel to security breaches, any time of the day or night.

Configuration is made even easier by 255 sets of programmable schedule types, each with four programmable time slots for each day of the week and holidays.

Support for Multiple Languages

In these days of globalization, itís good to know that your access control system can be operated without problem by users from different countries. The Access Easy Control System is available in many European and Asian languages.

Easy to Network

The Access Easy Control System is a "network-ready" access control panel thatís quick and easy to connect to any network. This powerful ability lets you save

big-time by optimally deploying your existing IT resources ó so you spend less on new hardware.

Easy to Manage

You can access your Access Easy Control System from any computer with a Java-enabled Web-browser or wireless device via a LAN, WAN, intranet or the Internet. So you manage the database, control devices and monitor events from anywhere at any time.

Easy to Maintain and Upgrade

Because the Access Easy Control System doesnít depend on any particular operating platform or system, you can upgrade without changing your computers or operating system. The Access Easy Controller utilizes state-of-the-art flash memory technology to store the systemís firmware, which is therefore easy to upgrade (e.g., by downloading it from the Internet) without changing any hardware. This is guaranteed to deliver long-term cost savings.

Easy to Operate

Thanks to the intuitive interfaces of todayís Web browsers, itís just as easy to operate, control and monitor an Access Easy Controller as it is to surf the Internet. This also minimizes training requirements for installers, distributors and end users.